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New Jersey’s Proposed Anti-Milksharing Campaign—the Next Attack on Parental Informed Choice?

A proposed bill (NJ A3702) in New Jersey has its sights on the informal milksharing community.  This bill: “Establishes public awareness campaign advising pregnant women, new parents, and women who are breast feeding about dangers of casual milk sharing.” After I … Continue reading

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Does Medela have something going on with American Airlines?

Today a story came out about a mom being harassed for attempting to pump on an American Airline’s plane, but that’s not what I’m upset about.  I’m upset about this: “An American official…said the airline does indeed allow breastfeeding moms to … Continue reading

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Hey Weston A. Price Foundation – Language Matters: How NOT to be a Breastfeeding Advocate

The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is an organization that promotes a diet based on traditional nutrient-dense foods.  They have a large following which we examined in my last blog article.  Since they are so influential, we must not ignore … Continue reading

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Childcare and the Breastfed Baby FAQs…including Breastmilk Storing and Feeding

Are you going back to work soon and you are wondering how many bottles your baby will need while you are gone? Do you have breastmilk in your freezer and you want to know how long it’s good for? Check … Continue reading

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