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New Jersey’s Proposed Anti-Milksharing Campaign—the Next Attack on Parental Informed Choice?

A proposed bill (NJ A3702) in New Jersey has its sights on the informal milksharing community.  This bill: “Establishes public awareness campaign advising pregnant women, new parents, and women who are breast feeding about dangers of casual milk sharing.” After I … Continue reading

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History of American Airlines Breastfeeding Policy and Uncomfortable Situations

Information first shared on my Facebook page. Apparently, American Airlines has had a number of breastfeeding incidents over the years and there are multiple references to and versions of their breastfeeding “policy” that ensures “other passengers are not subjected to an uncomfortable … Continue reading

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Hey Weston A. Price Foundation – Language Matters: How NOT to be a Breastfeeding Advocate

The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is an organization that promotes a diet based on traditional nutrient-dense foods.  They have a large following which we examined in my last blog article.  Since they are so influential, we must not ignore … Continue reading

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A Guest Blog – Dear Texas Representative Debbie Riddle…A response to your comments on House Bill 1706

(The views expressed in guest blogs do not necessarily reflect the views of Unlatched.  I just like giving people a place to voice their views or opinions. – Rachelle Unlatched) Guest Blog by Becky K. Becky K, is a mom … Continue reading

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Response from Boy Scouts Buckeye Council Re: Committee Chair Voted Off for Breastfeeding

read original story here: more stories featured here: Here is their response…please leave comments below or visit here: Response from Buckeye Council

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“The fact is, if you know you are going to be in a jam packed place, pump into a bottle! It’s that simple!”

Yes, this is a real quote.  Yes, I laughed out loud when I read it. Back in March 2012, there was a NIP incident at a waterpark and the issue blew up all over their Facebook page.  It got very … Continue reading

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Barriers to Breastfeeding/Breastfeeding Initiatives in Ohio on All Sides with Ann Fisher

Here is a link to the radio show I was on that covered breastfeeding issues and what Columbus area hospitals are doing to help increase breastfeeding rates.  I come on around the 40 min mark and I cover the Ohio … Continue reading

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