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Hey Weston A. Price Foundation – Language Matters: How NOT to be a Breastfeeding Advocate

The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is an organization that promotes a diet based on traditional nutrient-dense foods.  They have a large following which we examined in my last blog article.  Since they are so influential, we must not ignore … Continue reading

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A Collection of All Photos That Facebook Removes from Unlatched.

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Transgendered breastfeeding father rejected as a lactation coach by LLL Canada.

I read Trevor’s story months ago on Facebook.  His story was causing quite a stir online.  Here is the description from his blog ( “A transgendered dad in a gay relationship breastfeeds his baby boy.” He uses a SNS (supplemental … Continue reading

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Barriers to Breastfeeding/Breastfeeding Initiatives in Ohio on All Sides with Ann Fisher

Here is a link to the radio show I was on that covered breastfeeding issues and what Columbus area hospitals are doing to help increase breastfeeding rates.  I come on around the 40 min mark and I cover the Ohio … Continue reading

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