Are you keeping track? Yup, banned from Facebook again!


I’m beginning to just roll my eyes now when I get this notice.

We've removed something your page posted.

We’ve removed something your page posted.

banned for 24 hours

banned for 24 hours

This newest ban is a result of me posting an article about Facebook removing birth and breastfeeding photos and how the current system rewards cyber bullies and trolls, causing some bloggers to leave the site completely.  After my last ban over another link I posted, which contained a picture of a bare lactating breast being manually expressed in a story about breastmilk donations, I have been trying to be careful about what thumbnails show up when I post links.  It is possible that this is how the link was posted, though:

nipple thumbnail for link

nipple thumbnail for link

But I’m not entirely convinced this truly violates Facebook’s guidelines as much as my other link did….those could be male nipples, which seems to be acceptable on Facebook, unless, of course, you make a mosaic out of multiple pictures of your own male nipples.

So, lets review where I’m currently at with Facebook over the last two weeks:

1.  I get banned for 3 days for sharing a link with an thumbnail deemed “nudity/pornography”.

2.  I get an account deleted (read the egg post linked below).

3.  I get banned for 7 days over a picture of an egg.

4.  I get banned for 24 hours another link with a thumbnail that possibly violated the nudity guidelines.

In addition to those bans/deletions, I have had multiple things reported to Facebook as nudity and pornography.  Luckily, whoever at Facebook that reviewed these reports, deemed them ok to remain.

Someone reported acorns and lemons as nudity/pornography

Someone reported acorns and lemons as nudity/pornography

Also, having more than one admin on a Facebook page no longer protects the page from being down, either.  Facebook used to sanction only the one admin who posted items that violated the rules, but now ALL admins receive notifications and sanctions.  This is giving more power to cyber bullies and trolls and punishing the victims.

To keep connected to me, feel free to continue to follow this blog, follow me on Twitter, and/or find me on Google + .  I will continue to chug along on Facebook, but if you notice the page is eerily quiet, take a peek at these places to see if I’ve been booted off.

Want to know how to help change things?  “Like” the page FB vs Breastfeeding, where we will continue to report on Facebook’s issues with breastfeeding.



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4 Responses to Are you keeping track? Yup, banned from Facebook again!

  1. ERF Mama says:

    Unbelievable…. 😦

  2. Stephanie says:

    Just wanted to comment that I love your eye-rolling pic. ❤ Nine ❤

  3. Interesting is that FB banned breastfeeding fan page because of the pictures and there are photos of naked breasts all over FB. Does it have something to do with the baby or the process itself?

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