Banned from Facebook: Did you know a picture of an egg is considered nudity/pornography?

Only three days after my last suspension from Facebook, I have gotten in trouble with them again.

I discovered that my backup account I created to continue to run Unlatched during my ban last week had been disabled.  This is the notice I received:

Your account has been disabled.

Your account has been disabled.

Hmm…I first thought it was because of the three photos they had pictured: an egg, my Unlatched profile pic, and a screen shot from my ban last week.  I tried appealing the process, which consisted of Facebook providing me with photos of friends and then I had to match the photos with a person’s name.  That was extremely hard, considering most photos did not contain the person in question!  It took me three tries to make it through.  But what was the point, because as soon as I was finished, I got this notice:

Permanently Disabled.

Permanently Disabled.

Cue the game show losing sound.

Oh well.  I made myself feel better by figuring it was because my backup account itself was what caused it to get deleted, since you aren’t supposed to have multiple personal accounts.  Fine.  I was a bad girl who broke the rules.  *Tsk tsk*

I went back to my main profile after this and discovered I had pictures reported.  *cue eye roll*

Your photos were reported for containing nudity or pornography.

Your photos were reported for containing nudity or pornography.

I definitely gave feedback.  One was a breastfeeding photo that in no way violated any rules, was previously reported on another page, and Facebook recanted and said it was removed by mistake, and the second photo was a picture of a chicken egg.

Well, no luck with that.

the offensive egg

the offensive egg

Blocked from posting for 7 days.

Blocked from posting for 7 days.

Are you laughing?  Because I am.  Banned for SEVEN DAYS OVER A CHICKEN EGG.  I had used that photo to illustrate that breasts and nipples can be found in nature and that they are not offensive in any way.

So now are they just deleting photos that may look like a nipple?  I know this happened in the past when Facebook removed a photo of a women in a bathtub because her elbows looked like nipples.

What about male nipples?  Are those ok?

Are male nipples ok?

Are male nipples ok?

I’m not even sure if those are acceptable, because in 2009, an artist named Phil Hansen posted a mosaic of his face made out of his male nipples on Facebook and it was deleted after two days.

Facebook, you have clearly lost control of your reporting system.

To read more about Facebook’s issues with nipples, breastfeeding, and birth photos, visit Jodine’s World here.

Want to share nipple photos in protest?  Join us on the Jesusa Ricoy-Olariaga Facebook page.




Join me on Twitter (@the_unlatched) where I will share beautiful nipples in nature photos to show how nipples are not nudity or pornography.  Nipples are natural and not obscene.  Use the hashtag #NipplesInNature to share your own pictures!

UPDATE 8/28/2013:

Some of my friends have changed their profile pic to the egg in solidarity with me. Unfortunately, Facebook continues to delete this photo as nudity/pornography.


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17 Responses to Banned from Facebook: Did you know a picture of an egg is considered nudity/pornography?

  1. ERF Mama says:

    Oh my … this is getting out of control!!
    Facebook REALLY need a reality check…ffs.

  2. Jupiter says:

    I was just sitting down to write about Facebook and Boobs and I read this. Amazing.
    I’ll most likely be giving you a shoutout in my blog post

  3. Tricia mahoney says:

    Facebook allows pictures of scantily clad women but not women breast feeding. They allow durex advertising condoms and sex tests to come up next to photos of my newborn (because they think its appropriate (I don’t and they don’t have a system that works to complain about that), but they don’t allow pictures of eggs. Seems Facebook are fine with sperm so long as no eggs are involved!!

    • threenorns says:

      that’s cause zuckerberg cannot produce eggs. probably thinks his sperm are gold-plated.

  4. Jaime says:

    So they’ll delete stuff like this from fb, but not pages that bully breastfeeders. Facebook is such a joke! The only reason I’m staying on there is because it keeps me in contact with family in other parts of the country.

  5. Christina says:

    I reported a woman for posting what amounted to pornography. She was literally nude and rubbing her clitoris in her profile pic and they told me that wasn’t against their terms but a damn chicken egg is. It’s clear they have an issue with some people and not others.

    • Jo says:

      Same here, I reported a photo of a young girl taking a picture of herself in a mirror of her naked body and that’s exactly what they told me! I’m about to start a ban on fb itself!!

  6. indymom89 says:

    That is beyond insane!! Wow..

  7. So a video of a beheading was freedom of information and okay until users freaked out. but nipples, breastfeeding and the like are not okay…

  8. Geez. That’s why as a photographer I love Tumblr (, warning, actual nudity, including mine).

  9. Brother K says:

    Thanks, Emma, for telling Facebook they have egg on their face.

  10. Jess Martinez says:

    Lol I reported a male nipple last week just to see what happened… Does not violate their policy. Move along…. Riiiight

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