Does Medela have something going on with American Airlines?


Today a story came out about a mom being harassed for attempting to pump on an American Airline’s plane, but that’s not what I’m upset about.  I’m upset about this:

“An American official…said the airline does indeed allow breastfeeding moms to plug in Medela-brand pumps during flights.

…[she] should have been allowed to plug her Medela pump into the outlet by her seat. A different brand of pump would have required prior approval…”

I checked the American Airline’s website to see what the policy was on breast pumps, but could not find anything listed, so I called them.  I was on hold for several minutes before I was finally told that Medela pumps were the only pump allowed to be plugged in to their power ports on the airplane.  No one could explain why.  I then sent them an email asking for further clarification.

Here is the information on the American Airline power ports:

Do pumps have different power requirements?

Until I get an email from them, why do you think that they only allow Medela breast pumps?

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5 Responses to Does Medela have something going on with American Airlines?

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m guessing they are either ignorant/uninformed or that Medela has some sort of deal with them so that mom’s will be encouraged/cornered into buying their brand if they fly a lot or are on a long flight. *insert conspiracy style theme music here*

  2. Lara Audelo says:

    I think we need to call Medela.

  3. Asheley says:

    I could just be that differ brands of pumps use different amounts of power and that the airline only tested Medela -Since it is easily the most common brand- for safety onboard the plane…..

  4. Asheley says:

    Sorry commenting while cooking dinner and watching my DD in the back yard does not work so well lol

  5. Indie says:

    Perhaps its the only one that has been tested to make sure it won’t interfere with the plane.

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