Help! I was harassed for breastfeeding in public! What should I do?

Have you ever receive dirty looks or nasty comments for breastfeeding your baby out in public?  How did you respond?

I felt that this topic needed to be covered with my recent Ohio Boy Scout breastfeeding article being very popular.

The comment I hear the most when a harassment issue comes up is, “NURSE-IN!”  But I feel that nurse-ins are the last thing that should be considered when dealing with an nursing in public complaint.

So what should you do?

Best for Babes wrote a fantastic article on this subject: What to Do If You‘re Harassed While Nursing In Public

Taken from their article:



If you receive an apology, hopefully it’s sincere.  Find out how they plan on making sure this doesn’t happen again.  Are they going to educate their employees?  Will they put up “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” signs?



available from:

Save nurse-ins for when apologies are insincere, inadequate, or you never get a response from your complaint.  Use them to educate.  Pass out info on your state law and the benefits of breastfeeding.  Be polite and peaceful.  Getting into heated arguments just hurts the cause.  It’s all about “Peace, Love, and Breastfeeding!”


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