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Childcare and the Breastfed Baby FAQs…including Breastmilk Storing and Feeding

Are you going back to work soon and you are wondering how many bottles your baby will need while you are gone? Do you have breastmilk in your freezer and you want to know how long it’s good for? Check … Continue reading

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“The fact is, if you know you are going to be in a jam packed place, pump into a bottle! It’s that simple!”

Yes, this is a real quote.  Yes, I laughed out loud when I read it. Back in March 2012, there was a NIP incident at a waterpark and the issue blew up all over their Facebook page.  It got very … Continue reading

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Fact or Fiction? Drinking a beer helps with breastmilk production.

Let’s play a game… What do you think?  Is this just an old wives’ tale? For thousands of years, people have been brewing beer and using it to increase their milk supply.  There are written accounts of Greek doctors in … Continue reading

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Transgendered breastfeeding father rejected as a lactation coach by LLL Canada.

I read Trevor’s story months ago on Facebook.  His story was causing quite a stir online.  Here is the description from his blog ( “A transgendered dad in a gay relationship breastfeeds his baby boy.” He uses a SNS (supplemental … Continue reading

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Help! I was harassed for breastfeeding in public! What should I do?

Have you ever receive dirty looks or nasty comments for breastfeeding your baby out in public?  How did you respond? I felt that this topic needed to be covered with my recent Ohio Boy Scout breastfeeding article being very popular. … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts committee chair voted off for breastfeeding son – Alliance, Ohio.

*** UPDATE – Here is another view of the story from Best for Babes: *** ********UPDATE #2 (09/04/2012): Response from Boy Scouts Buckeye Council: I am shocked and saddened to be bringing you this story! An Alliance, Ohio woman, Tess, and her husband, … Continue reading

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What does extended, full term, long term or sustained breastfeeding mean?

What does extended, full term, long term or sustained breastfeeding mean to you?  Does it mean breastfeeding longer than 6 months?  A year?  Two years?   What are the views of health professionals and organizations? From the World Health Organization: … Continue reading

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