Why Nestlé is Evil…it goes beyond just infant formula….


I’m just going to list links to various news stories, etc that will explain why I think Nestlé is a bad company.  I routinely talk about Nestlé on my Facebook page, so join me there to continue to be updated.

In the photo album on my page, Boycott NestléI’ve compiled many Nestlé photos and ads.  Here’s just two:

Nestlé ad from 1911

Nestlé ad from 1911

Nestlé ad from 1893

Nestlé ad from 1893

June 2012, Business Insider published an article called “Every Parent Should Know the Scandalous History of Infant Formula” which covers the history and why formula companies, especially Nestlé, are predatory companies that undermine breastfeeding.  Nestlé has gone into developing poor countries and promoted infant formula, which has lead to many deaths because of the lack of clean water sources to prepare formula safely.  And many families cannot afford to purchase formula after the free samples stop and by that time, the mother’s milk has dried up.  Boycotts of Nestlé have been going on since the early 1970s.

link to story: http://www.businessinsider.com/nestles-infant-formula-scandal-2012-6?op=1

"The Baby Killer," a booklet published by London's War On Want organization in 1974.

“The Baby Killer,” a booklet published by London’s War On Want organization in 1974.

KnowMore.org gives more history about Nestlé, including criticisms of other business practices they’ve done with the environment and human rights:

link to their history: http://www.knowmore.org/wiki/index.php?title=Nestl%C3%A9_S.A.

Baby Milk Action is a fantastic organization that works tirelessly to protect infants that are fed formula.  They are a watchdog group that uncovers predatory marketing and they have been very involved in Nestlé boycotts.


I encourage everyone to go to their website and read up on all the companies and see how marketing is truly undermining breastfeeding rates in the world.  Here is some of their info on Nestlé: http://info.babymilkaction.org/monster

Unicef has put out a documentary on infant formula marketing and it’s affects in the Philippines, called “Formula for Disaster”.  Nestlé is very active in that country.

INFACT Canada, the Infant Feeding Action Coalition, works at protecting breastfeeding.  They also have information on their website about why Nestlé should be boycotted:


U.K. based newspaper, the Guardian, ran a story in May 2007 on Nestlé, entitled, “Milking It”, which covers the history of the company and why people boycott them.

Link to story: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2007/may/15/medicineandhealth.lifeandhealth

In January 2013, a video came out of former Nestlé CEO, Peter Brabeck, saying that water is not a human right and it should be privatized:

Many bloggers have also compiled their reasons for boycotting Nestlé.  Some examples:

PhD in ParentingWhy I Protest Nestlé’s Unethical Business Practices

Daily Momtra: Nestlé Boycott: About the Chocolate

Crunchy Domestic Goddess: The Great Nestle Boycott

According to this site, Nestlé tests on animals: http://www.nesteacrueltea.com/ActNow.aspx

Greenpeace launched a large successful social media campaign in 2010 in protest of Nestlé’s destruction of rainforests and killing of orangutans:



caught-red-handed greenpeace

I will continue to add to this page as I come across information and news stories.  In the meantime, here are pics and links to lists of Nestlé products to avoid:

Small list of products that Nestlé makes

Small list of products that Nestlé makes

from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nestl%C3%A9_brands

from Baby Milk Action: http://info.babymilkaction.org/nestleboycottlist

from INFACT Canada: http://www.infactcanada.ca/nestle_boycott_product.htm

from Crunchy Domestic Goddess: http://crunchydomesticgoddess.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/the-great-nestle-boycott/

Nestlé baby and toddler products to avoid

Nestlé baby and toddler products to avoid

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6 Responses to Why Nestlé is Evil…it goes beyond just infant formula….

  1. Kari says:

    Very thorough. You have given the world an invaluable gift here. Thank you a million times! (Trying not to be too effusive, though I have to restrain myself from logging you on my Short List of Top Breast World Super Goddesses. ;) )

  2. Vicky says:

    Check out bmj vol 346 20 April page 6

    • unlatched says:

      Are you talking about Nestlé giving out nutritional advice in Mexico? They’ve been involved with the PAHO/WHO and a bunch of us tried to campaign to have them cut ties with Nestlé. It’s a mess. I need to add that information, because they are also doing it in the United States, like in New Jersey, and I need to include information on how Nestlé is draining water supplies and selling it back to communities >:(

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